Friday, May 1, 2009

Swine Flu "Pandemic Lie" Mandates Marshal Law before Wallstreet Crash!!!

I've thought long and hard about ALL events that have been taking place since Sept. 08, when our economy was on the "Verg of collapse".. 
Last night after hearing that the so called Swine flu level had been raised to level 5, it raised both my eyebrows..WHY??? 
There were many more cases last year, and other years, of the bird flu, and other types of virus's, and yet they didnt raise it to a level 5...
Why NOW??? Its SIMPLE... 
Lets look at the economy...Not only ours but around the's not good at all, many say "on the brink of collapse.." 
What happens when a collapse occurs? "We the people" make a run on the banks, a run on the grocery 
stores, take to the streets, riots occur, chaos fills the streets...Not only would that happen here in the USA, but since the economy is struggling around the globe, a global crash would occur..Chaos would take over the globe..HOW would Goverments around the globe control thier population????? 
They control the population by raising a SIMPLE flu threat to a level that mandates quarenteens, curfews, and marshal law...A Level 6.. 
I believe that our goverment as well as other Goverments, knew months ago that our economy and thiers, would collapse. They used baliouts and tarps, just to prop up the scene, like one would do in a movie studio, to give the illusion that all was under control, in order to keep the people under control.. 
NOW, our economy is on the brink, as are other countries, and the 
money has run out, the solutions have run out.. 
The PANDEMIC is not the flu illusion, the PANDEMIC is global economies are crashing... 
So when the crash occurs, how will they keep the people under control??? 
They will create a pandemic, raise it to level 6, which keeps everyone in quarenteen, off the streets, in thier 
homes or in FEMA camps, then Goverments around the world, get out of being blamed for the economic collapse...HOW?? By blaming the collapse on the PANDEMIC.... 
That is what I believe is occuring...and people better start rolling this SIMPLE theory around in thier heads...