Friday, May 1, 2009

Smoking bans worldwide are they related to this coming Pandemic

I know I will probably get flamed right off ATS for this, but I feel I have to share what I have discussed and discovered. 

I have a friend who works at Liverpool University as a Technician in Biological research, I did mention what I was told, not just by them, but by several people from the same department, some who also work for the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. 

Awhile ago I was whining about the Smoking ban which had been introduced in public places, and how I was finding it hard to give up, usual rubbish.

Anyhow their consensus back then was the whole Smoking ban worldwide had to be down to more than just a thought for peoples health and well being, I even remember someone saying how many people would become sick because of an enforced ban, and I know of one such person from about 7 years ago, a lady called Florence, (flossy) a wonderful lady, who was proud of being a WRAAF and had worked hard all her life, fit as a fiddle for her 70 odd age, yet within 2 weeks of giving up smoking she was dead, died from stroke, her GP scared her into giving up even though she has smoked since she was a teenager, anyhow everyone who knew her said it was a mistake for her to give up, and she paid the price. 

I am not saying for a second that Smoking is healthy, how can it be with all the thousands of deadly chemicals amongst the ingredients, that is where I become suspicious of the Tobacco companies and the inclusion of those chemicals, most of them there just to preserve and make the cigarette burn faster, leaving you with the need to buy more quicker. 

Here is a list of the ingedients 

Anyhow it is not common knowledge that there is a factor about Tobacco and Nicotine that can at a time like we have now have a positive effect and help fight a virus like we now have threatening to spread and hurt many families, I am talking about Nicotinic Acid, which had it's name changed to Niacin to distance itself from Nicotine. 

Niacin was first described by Hugo Weidel in 1873 in his studies of nicotine.[4] The original preparation remains useful: the oxidation of nicotine using nitric acid.[5] Niacin was extracted from livers by Conrad Elvehjem who later identified the active ingredient, then referred to as the "pellagra-preventing factor" and the "anti-blacktongue factor."[6] When the biological significance of nicotinic acid was realized, it was thought appropriate to choose a name to dissociate it from nicotine, in order to avoid the perception that vitamins or niacin-rich foodcontains nicotine. The resulting name 'niacin' was derived from nicotinic acid + vitamin. 

I am not suggesting everyone take up Smoking that would be daft, I would however consider this to be the wrong time to try and give up myself, I do have a small amount of Native American cigarettes, which have no where near the ingredients that regular Tobacco Companies insert into their products, if you can get hold of Smoke shop Cigs from a Native American Nation, then please consider the switch. 

With all the talk of TPTB being behind the drugs which are to be used to fight this Virus, perhaps these ingredients and the enforcement of the no Smoking laws could well all be related to this almost Pandemic

All I am asking is that everyone please do your own small amount of research, especially before you believe every Tom, Dick and Harry on the internet with some obscure idea, that includes myself and this thread, everyone is different with different circumstances, if you have a Family member who is frail or has a condition which will threaten them more than usual, you have to work everything around them, not to could be a mistake IMO 

All I can do is wish everyone the best of health and luck, everyone can come through all of this with minimal damage to your Family structure, if you research yourself, trynatural remedies instead of mass produced Government backed products, there are many out there if you look, but remember time is short so get them as soon as you can.