Friday, August 28, 2009

Gardasil – More alarming stories from mothers and grandmothers.

Readers tell of death, devastation, and disabilities caused to their young daughters after taking this vaccine. No one knows at this time the long term affects of this vaccine on 25,000,000 young women who have received this vaccine. Some states want to make it mandatory like DPT, polio, and chicken pox. Where has individual rights gone? Should this vaccine be taken off the market?

Below are additional comments submitted by readers who have researched this vaccine and/or who have had a daughter made terribly ill after taking this vaccine. As in previous article, these comments are unedited. There have been 25 million young girls who have been administered this drug and some had immediate or long term illnesses associated with it.
One commenter tells about the ingredients in this vaccine and the possible long term affects. Parents, guardians, and teachers need even more to encourage these young women to practice chastity in an effort to stem cervical cancer caused by HPV. I want to thank these individuals who have come forth to share their information and their stories; some so terribly sad.
There are over 200,000 people a year killed in hospitals by mistakes and errors and most are drug related in some way. The following comments were copied and pasted and left unedited.
Just before publishing I received these two comments from Denise Melton and Momonmission – I can hardly type for the tears
Please refer back to the two previous articles involving this cancer vaccine given to young girls as young a nine years old and the comments there – be sure to click the comments tab as the comments are getting longer. Click on sites below for previous articles.
momonamission says:
My daughter has some kind of neuroligcal problems. I have taken her to every
kind of DR that you can imagine. NONE want to realize this could be a reaction
to GARDASIL. It's been 6 months and sheis still have some sort of seizures. Her muscles have a mind of their own,electric like waves go through her spine, shivers,jerking of limbs,
uncontrolable muscle twitching, eyes rolling back into her head. I am scared to
death every single day that she might die. She was a very healthy 17 year old
until she got the shots. She complained of joint and muscle pain after the first
shot. I thought they were working her too hard at Cheer practice. 2nd shot,
complained more, nausea, headaches, stabbing pain in her stomach, I NEVER once
imagined that it could be the vaccines. Then came that THIRD shot, the one that
pushed her little body over the edge. Last shot 1/2/2009, violent seizures on
Feb 2, 2009 at school. Hauled away by ambulance.
August 26, 6:34 PM
momonamission says:
on 3 different occasions Four ER visits, 4 hospital stays. Yet, nothing to help her. The DRS ran every test you can imagine, all normal. They say it's stress. However, as I read the postings & watch the Youtube videos, I realize all the other girls have the same problems as my daughter. This has been a very scarey ordeal for us. I am writing, not only to tell our story, but to suggest that Gardasil have a closer look at the side effects& deaths. The DRS say they are not aware of any side effects like hers, yet, I can find them all day long. ONES that are very similar to my daughters. My daughter has had every vaccine required, without any reactions. Something in this vaccine has done something to her system. Please don't let other moms struggle like I have, have Merck list more side effects on their advertising. If I had known sore muscles & joints were something to watch for, my girl would not have received shots 2&3. It is hard to make an informed decision, if you don't haveallfact
August 26, 6:40 PM
Denise Melton says:
“ONE LESS” has been mentioned by one of the writers. Our family is also “ONE LESS”. Jessie had all three shots of Gardasil. After the second shot she and her mother notices the headaches, Muscle aches, and fatigue. Jessie was taken to the doctor that gave her the Gardasil. The doctor said it was just stress. Jessie was a cheerleader; a member of the National Honor Society, Played many sports and was practicing for softball, which was about to start. Jessie went with her mother on February 20, 2008 for the third shot of Gardasil. The next night she told her mother that the headache was back and went to bed. Her mother went to work early the next day and upon returning home from work found Jessie dead. She had been dead for several hours. The medical examiner said, “She was dead before she hit the floor”. Still he could find no cause for her death. Gardasil was typed into the computer and the nightmares that came up were shocking. We have been in contact with several fa
August 26, 2:18 PM
Denise Melton says:
#2We have been in contact with several families that have also lost their daughters to the vaccine that was to protect them. If we had only known that there were other side effects other than the few that were listed by Merck. Jessie would NEVER have received this wonder vaccine that is killing and maiming our girls.
Since Jessie’s death we have been researching and cannot believe that the FDA and the CDC have not pulled this product off the market. There are so many unanswered questions. The GRAY ZONES of risk were mentioned. They are calling all of the deaths 40 plus just in the U.S. that we know of, sheer coincidences. There have been 15,000 adverse reactions also reported just in the U.S. Statistics show that only 1%-10% is ever reported to VAERS, which is a very small percentage. Many families do not know to report the reactions or how to report them. It is not mandatory for doctors to report the adverse reactions so many doctors do not report them.
August 26, 2:23 PM
# 3 Should I go on? YES!!!
Gardasil trials by Merck brought many new medical conditions to many of the girls and women that were being used for the studies. This information is found on the FDA web site dated September 11, 2008. If you would like to look at it the information is on page 132 table 73 titled “New Medical Conditions. HPV is a virus that the body can fight off over a period of time. The virus COULD cause cervical cancer, NOT WOULD cause cancer. In the U.S. cervical cancer is on the decline with the Pap test and other forms of detection. We do not have an epidemic of cervical cancer so why is Merck pushing to have every girl vaccinated. YOU GUESSED IT!!!! The answer is MONEY. Merck lost a lot of money with the drug VIOX. This drug was also killing people and had to be removed from the market.
August 26, 2:24 PM
Denise Melton says:
# 4 . This is why my family and many others are fighting so hard to remove gardasil from the market. We do not want other families to suffer the loss of a child or have a daughter that is unable to function a normal life because of something that was suppose to keep her safe.
Please do not have your daughter vaccinated without researching Gardasil
A grandmother who knows.
August 26, 2:26 PM
R. Boyce says:
Here is some information I found on one of the ingredients in the GArdasil vaccine. Very scary stuff!
Studies have shown disturbing and potentially serious health effects related to Tween 80. The anti HPV vaccine Gardasil contains Polysorbate 80, which is linked to infertility in mice,” noted Dee Nicholson, National Communications Director for Freedom in Canadian Health Care. [Nov 2007] Sleight of Handling: More Merck Magic Tricks With HPV Vaccine By Christopher C. Barr
A study published in December, 2005 discovered that Tween 80 can cause anaphylaxis, a sometimes fatal reaction characterized by a sharp drop in blood pressure, hives, and breathing difficulties. Researchers concluded that the severe reaction was not a typical allergic response characterized by the combination of IgE antibodies and the release of histamines; it was caused by a serious disruption that had occurred within the immune system. August 26, 7:54 AM
Rosemary Mathis, NC says:
Thank you Pat for this article and for your prayers for my daughter. My hope is that all parents research Gardasil before allowing their child to be vaccinated. You should NEVER have faith in your doctor to research up front. My doctor did not and didn't even recognize the symptoms of side effects when they occurred. We put way too much trust in our doctors. They are only human and make mistakes also. My daughter is being treated by 2 major university hospitals, Duke University Children’s Hospital and Wake Forest University Baptist Hospital and they have both been wonderful, but it has been at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars which is least important to my child’s health.
August 26, 4:14 AM
Teresa Allen says:
My 16 year old daughter was also injured by the Gardasil vaccine. She had her first jab on January 9th, 2009 and her second on March 9th, 2009 (the day after her 16th birthday). Since her first shot, she has suffered dizziness, overall weakness, pains in both legs and left arm, numbness and tingling in both legs and left arm, back pains, neck pains, pressure headaches, vision disturbances, racing heartbeat, chest pains, nausea, diarhea, weight loss, hair loss, just to name a few. She has been rushed to the ER three times with breathing problems. She stopped breathing 3 times. She threw her birth control away because she was so sick and didnt want to take anything else. We literally thought she was going to die. Just 2 weeks after throwing her birth control out, and being comforted by her best friend, she got pregnant. She failed her 10th grade year from missing so much school and having brain fog. Now she is carrying a baby that could have birth defects. How many more girls????
August 26, 12:42 AM
wary now says:
Sorry for coming back to the circumcision issue, but I felt it was important to say something more. The theory about circumcision having any substantial role in the spread of HPV is not merely nonsensical, it's dangerous misinformation. Being uncircumcised does not protect anyone... man or woman... from getting a sexually transmitted disease. The theory is not even worthy of debate because it's simply not true, and to say otherwise is irresponsible
August 25, 7:09 PM
wary now says:
After having a heart attack while on Vioxx and following the news for years after that, I came to understand the enormous power a large company like Merck can have. The fact that Gardisil was being so heavily promoted while Merck was dealing with nearly 50,000 Vioxx lawsuits made it seem pretty obvious that they were looking for some way to pay for the mess that was made with Vioxx. Remember the effort being made to MANDATE the use of Gardisil? That would have been a nice chunk of change for Merck. No doubt their political connections helped to push that idea along, until people started to push back. It's baffling how a company can do so much good with one hand, and then so much damage with the other. And, just for the record, the theory that circumcision is somehow to blame for the spread of HPV makes no sense at all. A foreskin has no special protective properties that would make such a thing possible. That's like saying a circumcised man is incapable of spreading HIV. Nonsense.
August 25, 6:46 PM
Pat’s response to the above comments.
Pat says:
Wary: Thank you so much for the two comments you posted and for the additional information you gave us regarding how HPV could not be prevented by males being uncircumcised that is an interesting theory-but I have no idea about who is right or wrong-need to jot that one down for research. I could tell stories that are almost like science fiction to people who have never been there regarding the experiences that both myself and husband have had with mistakes, errors, and malpractice. Some would wonder why I fight against gov't health care knowing our stories-it is not about health care; but gov't take over.They are two different things.I am so sorry that you had a heart attack and pray that you are fully recovered and will live a long, happy, and blessed life. They are just in too big a hurry to hit the market with new drugs. And too slow to remove them when they are bad. CDC, FDA -and they want to take over all the healthcare???? God help us all. We all need to speak up and vote.
August 25, 9:56 PM
TO: Wary Now, Teresa Allen, Rosemary Mathis and R. Boyce. I thank you so much for commenting on this health scare for young women and for sharing your information and story. My heart is so wrenched for these young girls who have been so adversely affected by this drug. I am working on a follow up to this story and I will include your comments. I am concerned about the mass injections of the H1N1 swine flu shot in that they are speeding up production by one month and they have not finished the testing trials yet. What a choice - take a chance on the vaccine - not get it and take a chance on a serious deadly flu. This flu has been in the headlines for more than a year - why the delay in this process? Why weren't trials began earlier? Will there be enough vaccine for those who wish to take it or will it be rationed?
Pat Says:
Denise: I am so broken hearted as a mother and grandmother for you. I cannot imagine that kind of loss even though I lost my husband of 49 years last year – and I told the local hospital responsible for his death because of the massive amounts of drugs he was given. But to lose a child so young, and so many years ahead of her – what can I say to comfort you? Check on a web site called Grief/Share and sign up for the daily e-mail they will send you for 365 days – these and family and friends are who got me through the nightmare of his death. Just try and remember – to be absent in the body is to be present with the Lord and she is not gone; but gone before. We have a hope in Christ that this life is not all there is – but we miss those who we love so much. I am so sorry for your loss – thank you for speaking out to prevent others from suffering as your family has. Perhaps when people begin to speak out things will change. We need to take care of ourselves and each other.
Pat says: Momonmission: Thank you for sharing your story and I am praying for your daughter to have a full and complete recovery with no long term affects. "God cover her with Your love, and healing and restore her completely." When we speak of what has happened to us, we can hopefully help others to be informed and not travel the same road. We have got to get doctors and those in the medical community to listen to us - that is more important than who carries our insurance. With government health care this can only worsen. Socialized medicine will make it even harder for communications between doctor and patient - it will take away the personal relationship between them and make it a cold, impersonal one. The most important part of health care is not mentioned in the bill; but only the logistics of who will be in control - where does the patient fit into this? What is happening to our government? Where has common sense gone? Stay on mission until action is taken and resolved.
August 27, 7:41 AM
Your continued comments are welcome and perhaps you will do a little research through the FDA and the CDC and the VAERS regarding Gardasil especially before getting it for your child. To be informed is to be forewarned.