Sunday, August 16, 2009

Codex Alimentarius

Don't know what Codex Alimentarius is? Well... You should! It concerns you and your health/future, and you might be amongst the 3 Billion (yes... 3 BILLION) people who will die as a result of the implementation of this global law taking effect from December 31 2009 (this coming new year). These numbers derives from Codex's own statements and documents, and are not wild guessing or speculation.
It turns out that my home country Norway, together with Germany has been used as a testing ground for Codex, and that we have already implemented many of the laws proposed in Codex.
Among them regulations on Vitamins and the outlawing of Herbs as Foods.

Among the things you will find in Codex, i would like to mention:
- Regulation of Vitamins and Herbs that will require a prescription from your doctor, and some of them will be classified as Toxins, which will make them Illegal.
- All farmers will be forced by law to use Monsanto's growth hormones.
- All foods will me Genetically Modified.
- Growing your own garden might become Illegal.
- 7 out of the 9 most dangerous food supplements and pesticides will become legal again and re-implemented into our food-chain.

I know that this sounds totally absurd and that it is very hard to believe. It has not been reported in any News, and that is exactly the point: You are not supposed to know about it before it has been implemented, blocking your chance to stop it by informing your fellow citizens.
Therefore I will stress the importance of checking out this for yourself and see it with your own eyes. I have therefore given you the links directly to Codex's official website below, so you can verify this for yourself. I have also embedded some videos from what I consider the best researchers on Codex so you can hear the truth from the Health Experts.

Some basic history of Codex:
The idea comes from the former head of I.G.Farben who was jailed for 10 years in the Nurnberg Trial after WWII when it was discovered that he was amongst the main financiers of Hitler and was supplying the gas for the concentration camps.
After serving his jail-time, he contacted the UN and proposed to re-implement the old system used in Germany and Austria in the 17-1800's used to control population trough food, named Codex Alimentarius. The UN loved his idea, so did The World Health Organization and The World Trade Organization, and they started to slowly implement it one piece of the time, starting with regulations of oil content in Nuts. From thereon it has grown to become a monster that is ready for 100% global implementation starting this coming new year.
Anyway, as they say in the movie: " you can not be told about the Matrix, you have to see it for yourself!"

Official websites and documents:

Websites with warnings and explanations about what this will mean for you:

The official document from The Codex meeting in Aalesund, Norway on the 21st of December 2000:

Videos (MUST SEE):