Sunday, December 27, 2009

Polish National TV Helps To Expose The Pandemic Fraud - Examples

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Saturday, 26 December 2009 11:55

Polish PM Donald Tusk Press Conference on 06.11.2009. He's sceptical regarding swine flu vaccines despite pushing announcement made by European Comminssion.

"Tomasz Lis live" 23 Nov 2009. Biggest politics TV show in Poland, around 3 million viewers. Polish Vice-Health Minister ask reasonable questions about WHO, pharmaceutical companies, pandemic announcement etc. This is more like the Minister talking rather than the debate and I didn't balance this video on purpose for a few reasons:
1) There's enough of other view in media all around the world.
2) I titled this "Minister talking on AH1N1" rather than "talk" or "debate". The arguments of the other guy were as usual, at least here in Poland:
a) we got kicked out of the queue for the vaccine because of our Health Ministry's doubts. This is rubbish since many countries are willing to sell some of their vaccines since not much people want to take shots.
b) another argument is that EMEA and WHO recommended the vaccine so it just must be good for us and anyone who says otherwise is mad conspiration theorist. No comment on this one.
c) the last argument: OK, no pandemic at the moment but we don't know what will happen in the next few months. Well Health authorities said clearly that not much really will happen, plus it looks like they would exchange this new flu for the seasonal one since AH1N1 is much milder and easier to go through without complications than regular seasonal flu. Hope this makes sense :) We're one! (this is actually scientifically proven now, search YT for Nassim Haramein or Gregg Braden)