Wednesday, April 29, 2009

mcNasty Reports: Swine Flu - Key Issues & Clues

- There has been Swine Flu incidents 2 times before in history. Both times it was spread trough vaccines.
- Swine Flu is not the correct definition. A more correct definition seems to be (it's still early to know for sure): Human + Swine + Asian + Avian Flu (please notice that these comes from 3 different continents)
- Flu always pop up in the east and travel west, until now...
- Baxter who deliberately tried to spread live Avian Flu trough vaccines just 1 month ago, has been given the task to come up with a vaccine.
- Pandemics has been one of the favorite methods of stifling dissent and potential revolutions (Both Mexico and the US has been on the brink of revolution lately, but not anymore)
- There has been built over 400 FEMA camps (read: Concentration Camps) and FEMA and NORTHCOM has been practicing drills on handling a pandemic and instituting Martial Law.
- Just 3 weeks ago it was confirmed that lately there has been dug millions of mass-graves to handle a flu pandemic throughout the US.
- Henry Kissinger has stated that by September, all Americans will be disarmed.
- The Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP aka The North American Union) states in their documents that they might use a flu-pandemic to activate the merging of Canada, Mexico and the US.
- UN's biodiversity assessment of 1996 ask for a population reduction of 80% (it's their definition of "sustainable")
- Shortly after Obama became president, Joe Biden stated in a closed meeting with campaign donors (he did not know that it was being recorded) that Obama will be "tested" during his first months in office.
- The Project for A New American Century's document "Rebuilding America's Defence", Dick Cheney states that "Race Specific Bio-Weapons" would be a "handy" political tool. (So far only hispanics have died, if this becomes the case in the rest of the world, we can definitely conclude that this is race-specific)
- A container with Swine Flu vaccines, exploded on a train in Switzerland yesterday amongst passengers.

Now, do you start to understand why researchers like me are freaking out?
The sign has been clear for a long time now and is the reason that I have insisted that there will be a biological attack during Obama's first 6 months in office.
Just like Bush after 9/11: Obama does no longer need to follow up on his policies/promises anymore.
Get ready for the shutdown of America and potentially Global Martial Law!
This stinks to high heaven!
(I hope I'm wrong)

- neilmcnasty